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Be Rewarded In Ways That Will Enrich Your Life

Personally and financially

Meet industry experts, develop interesting relationships, and explore proven strategies to help you reach your goals.... the best part, you'll get rewarded along the way.


  • You've worked hard...now play hard at our Jusuru Getaway. Earn world-class trips to exotic destinations!

  • Your friends will know you're doing something right when you qualify for a Luxury Car Bonus of up to $1000 each month for a silver Mercedes-Benz.
  • Lights...camera...action. Rise to Enterprise and your success story will be told in your professional feature video!

  • Get energized and recognized on stage at our special national and international events!

  • We challenge you to look younger and feel better. Take the 90 Day Challenge and submit your before and after picture for a chance to be a $500, $1000, or $2500 Challenge Winner!

  • At Jusuru International, you're rewarded right away. Just sponsor 3 and get your product Free with our 3 For Free program!














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  • Be a part of something big with our Vitamin Angels humanitarian efforts!

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