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Q: What are the most common joint problems?


Q: What clinical data supports the safety and efficacy of Liquid BioCell® Equine?

A: Liquid BioCell Equine's key ingredient is Liquid BioCell, which is a clinically researched, multi-patented nutraceutical ingredient. It has been the subject of multiple double-blind clinical trials in the area of joint and skin health and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Equine joint cartilage composition is almost identical to that of the human articular matrix, which is the reason why our product is efficacious and safe for horses.

Q: How is Liquid BioCell® Equine administered? Does the applicator come with the bottle? How long will one bottle last?

A: Liquid BioCell Equine can be given to your horse directly in his mouth or mixed with his feed. The bottle includes an oral syringe which will make it easier to feed the product directly in his mouth. The average horse weighs approximately 1,100 lbs; the highly concentrated Liquid BioCell Equine™ will supply the average horse for one month. Please refer to the suggested dosage chart.
Body Weight lbs KG Serving Size Servings Per Container
< 800 < 365 20 cc 45
800-1099 635-500 30 cc 45
1100-1399 500-636 40 cc 22.5
1400-1699 636-773 50 cc 18
1700-2000+ 6773-909+ 60 cc 15

Q: Does Liquid BioCell® Equine meet state and racing regulations on anti-doping laws?

A: Our manufacturing facility is not only cGMP compliant, OTC-drug licensed by the State of California Food and Drug Branch, but it is also licensed by the State of California for pet food and supplement manufacturing. Furthermore, our facility has been NSF Certified for Sport™ which certifies that the manufacturing process and facility have been cleared of over 150 banned substances. NSF’s Certified for Sport™ program is designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement for sports nutrition contains banned substances, and is officially recognized by the NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, PGA, LPGA, NCAA, and CCES.

Q: Can I give Liquid BioCell® Equine to livestock? Cows? Goats? Sheep?

A: Liquid BioCell Equine was designed and specially formulated for horses and not for consumption by other animals.

Q: Is Liquid BioCell® Equine safe for human consumption?

A: Liquid BioCell Equine was designed and formulated for horses and not for human consumption.

Q: Can I find Liquid BioCell® Equine in stores?

A: No, Jusuru products are not available in retail establishments. They are only available through its network of Independent Representatives.

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